Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping Us Guessing

Well, who is that big boy?! Yessiree Bob, that's my boy all sorts of crawling and pulling up and getting ready to walk. He has been feeling so good, the difference between him now and him two months ago before he was hospitalized (and was sick and we didn't know it yet) is amazing. He is a bundle of busy, busy, joy, joy. His grin melts your heart. He has me wrapped around his little finger. I sense that I will have a difficult time keeping up my discipline standards with this one. Uh oh! The first step is admitting I have a problem right?

He is going to keep us guessing though. He had absolutely NO vomiting episodes for an entire month after coming home from the hospital, longer actually, and has been gaining weight like gangbusters as well as checking off those milestones that he missed while he wasn't feeling well. Then he had two vomiting episodes one week apart. These happened like most of the others as he was finishing a meal (and then continuing in small amounts for about an hour) but there was very little in common between the two meals. His pediatrician has recommended we take him off of wheat for a few weeks then introduce it slowly. It could be he has a wheat sensitivity.

So the list of things that he can't eat is growing: dairy, soy (did I mention that after replacing his dairy with soy he developed severe eczema and diarrhea?), peanuts, and now wheat. I am lucky to be "near" (45 minutes away) a very good health food store that carries a reasonable variety of foods that are dairy-, soy-, nut-, wheat-free. I found dry cereal, cookies, animal crackers, pasta, baking mix, cookie mix, among other things which include this fantastic Cherry Amaretto Coconut Milk ice cream - yum! The problem being that the prepared food is so expensive. So I'm hunting around and picking people's brains who have been at this for a while as far as ways to cut cost and ideas for a wider variety of things that I can feed.

My hope is that after this hiatus from wheat that we will be able to reintroduce wheat to a certain level. It is hard to know exactly how much he can have of all these things that are making him sick because he doesn't really show that he isn't feeling well until he starts to vomit. Poor guy. This will be easier once he can speak and tell us (and a LOT easier if he just grows out of it).


Crystal said...

He is so freaking cute!

Brandy said...

It's a night and day difference in his face too, the amount of energy he has in his smile!

Have you looked into ordering the brands you have found online? may have a better deal if you buy larger quantities.

His face in the picture above made me think of Zion's grin.

My Three Sons said...

Carson was allergic to milk as well. Thankfully he outgrew that. He is still peanuts, all nuts, honey, syrup, and fresh berries.

I will pray that some of these allergies will be outgrown.