Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Little One For Us

I get hankerings for all things small and fuzzy and some things big and fuzzy the way some women get baby cravings (though I get those too sometimes). I have wanted to add another critter to our family for a while now I just hadn't decided exactly what kind. Well, my family had rabbits growing up of both the indoor and outdoor variety and bunnies kept leaping, no - hopping to mind. About a month ago I was at a baby shower and got to chatting with one of the other guests and she mentioned that she has rabbits. I told her that I'd been wanting to get my kids - OK, me, one for a while and she told me that she would give me one of her bunny's litter. Last weekend we went to her little farm and picked out a bunny. Thankfully we were all in agreement that the spotted one was the one we wanted. Turns out we picked a little girl who Gabe quickly named Allie.

Isn't she cute?!

Aren't THEY cute?! Zion and the bunny took to each other right off. Allie doesn't seem to mind Zion's exuberant nature one bit and Zion can't get enough of that bunny. I set up the Play Yard in the living room so that Zion can hang out with the bunny and I don't have to be right there. Allie loves to run around Zion while she sits there and jump and kick which makes Zion laugh hysterically. I bought a nice cage for the bunny before we brought her home but darn it all if the company didn't forget the screws! So once I get those and assemble the cage it will be in her room. The bunny will also get to be loose in there sometimes so she can really run around and play someplace safe. I'm sure the two of them will be in many pictures to come!

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Marfa said...

Yeah...I love bunnies...we have 2 right now. So cute!!!