Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Week

We have had a busy week. The sun has been nothing short of gorgeous so we have been enjoying the out of doors in abundance. The kids in the wading pool, me on the patio swing, all of us sipping lemonade (I make some pretty darn good lemonade) and we got in a day at the park with lots of friends and a day at the zoo with more friends. Pictures will come soon but tonight I felt compeled to start a new knitting project which is, of course, a gift so I've got to get on it. I've got three things on the needles right now, one project that's due to be frogged (ripped out) and reknit and another gift needing to be knit. Well, to be accurate, a number of things are on my to-knit list but these are the immediates. Anyway, the needles call but I'll be back soon.

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