Friday, June 12, 2009

Princesses Don't Get Sick

Gabe threw me for a loop the other day. We're hanging out at Jamie's the day of Jamae's graduation (woohoo, Jamae!) and all of the sudden Gabe comes to me and says "Zion's been sick right?" Picture me confused. I said "Yeah. So have you and Gideon and me and pretty much everybody." He looks equally confused and says "But Zion's a princess." Suddenly it comes to me. There's this commercial running these days that has all these little kids talking about germs. The point being that kids know nothing about germs. One of the shots has a dressed up little girl saying "Princesses don't get sick." Gabe is so literal. He couldn't reconcile the fact that the TV was saying princesses don't get sick, the TV is always right, right, and that his sister is a princess ('cause I call her Princess all the time). How sweet is that?! I mean, about the part that he really does think his little sister is a princess. Awwww.

He must not be taking into account our bedtime prayers tonight which Zion interrupted so she could shout at Gabe "Smell my stinky feet!" Do princesses have stinky feet?


My Three Sons said...

That is a very cute story. I just love the innocents they have.

Jessy said...

Of course, princesses have stinky feet! But only if they're two and have bright red hair.