Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

..and soon you'll be walking out the doo--oo-or! (Little Christmas special flashback for ya there, do you know which one?)

I can't believe that I forgot to write about this yesterday (or maybe I DID write about it and I forgot that I did - either way my memory is terrible). Gideon took his first steps last night! We were playing in Zion's room and I stood him up to help him practice his balance and the next thing I know he took three (very quick) steps to me and fell in my arms. I don't know who was surprised more, me or him. The look on his face said "Good Lord, what am I doing?" as if it was the riskiest thing he'd ever tried to do. If only he knew how risky it was to try to eat the cat's puke he found on the floor earlier that day. Ew.

Adding that Gideon is nearly 14 months old. And just for the curious, Gabe took his first steps also at 13 months old and Zion took her very first step on her first birthday.


Mashel said...

wow!! How old is he now? What a big boy!

Jessy said...

Yea Gideon! Now you can get to the cat puke even faster!!

And Santa Claus is Coming to Town is my FAVORITE Christmas special!! Mrs. Claus is Jessica!

Marfa said...

How should try to take a video!!!