Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Could We Have Been Up To...

...for me to not have blogged in so long? Well, let me answer that. In no particular order:

For starters, knitting has pretty much taken over all my spare time. And some of the time when I should be taking care of chores. Ah well, the laundry will still be there tomorrow. And the day after that... I knit the above towel and washcloth for myself! I've done a few before but gave them all away. I did knit a burpcloth for a friend and it was too small in my opinion so I kept it for a dishcloth. Now I'm in love with handknitted dishclothes. Oh my goodness! I want to keep knitting them to replace all of my storeboughts and then more for washclothes for bathtime too.
I think I showed this scarf once before and talked about how it was wider and shorter than I wanted it to be (one of those one-skein patterns so I couldn't add length, only had the one skein) so I frogged it (ripped it out). The whole thing. I knit it narrower and thus it came out wider. This pictures shows how it is all knit solid (and knit entirely of twisted stitches) and then every fourth stitch is dropped to make those cool gaps.
Here's the scarf after all the rows have been dropped and pulled. It's still a smidge short for my taste but at least now it's actually wearable as a scarf. And I really love the colors. This picture doesn't give it justice.

We also went to a sprinkler park with Jamie and had a blast.
Gideon really loved the water.

Zion really loved the water.

Gabe really loved the water.

Absolutely LOVE scrunchy nose smiles!

At first he thought it a bit cold. (Don't blame him, I did too!)

Afterward we all enjoyed some Popsicles which we bought at the ice cream truck that appeared to permanently park right there in the park. Smart ice cream man!

We have also had some fun play dates right at our house. Sarah and Gideon are only a few months apart and are pretty equal as far as milestones. They frequently use each other to pull up and stand. Now we're just waiting to see who will walk first.

Gabe is passing on his love for trains. Whether he likes it or not. Gideon sometimes forces the matter and Gabe has to put up with his derailing the trains.

"You're not supposed to EAT them, Gideon!"

We've had some wicked cool storms lately. Here's one blowing in. The thunder has been tremendous. I love it! The one we had a few days ago had thunder SO loud and it seemed to be positioned right over our house that I jumped out of my skin every time it BOOMED! Zion and Gideon slept through it as it was nap time. Gabe says "It doesn't scare me."
Gideon is done with his "no wheat" trial and got to enjoy one of his very favorite meals, pasta with marinara. Look at that satisfied smile. After reintroducing wheat Gideon has experienced some eczema and bowel issues but so far no vomiting. The thing will be to see if we can get him back on a full wheat diet without vomiting. So far so good though I'm working him up slowly.

And yes, that's a perfect handprint in marinara sauce on the side of his head. Now if I TRIED to make a handprint on purpose like that you KNOW he'd never cooperate. Well, at least I have the picture. :)

Turns out we are raising another lover of books. At first he just loved to clear off the bookshelf. Then one day he actually opened one and now I often catch him sitting and "reading" to himself. It warms my heart. We have also been enjoying a lot of stories at bedtime while we also have "bunny time". At the end of each day we all go up to Zion's room and let Allie out of her cage. She gets to hop and jump around while we do pjs, play, pray, and have a story. It has become one of my absolute favorite times of day.

And though this picture is on here last (only because that's how blogger added them on) Jamae is definitely NOT least. Isn't she beautiful?! *sigh* I got to go up to attend Jamae's high school graduation on the 9th. I know it wasn't as hard for me as it was my sister but all I could think about was how I'd been in the room when she was born. How did 18 years pass so quickly? As they say, the days are long but the years are short (my mantra on certain days). I love you, Jamae!

I also got to take Zion on a special "date" to see both Jamae and Jessa dance at their studio's end of the year recital. Zion and I got all dolled up, her more than I, and I got a sitter for the boys (thanks, Erika!) and we went just us girls. Well, and Uncle Bob and Grandpa Jim but still. She wasn't sure to think at first. She kept saying it was "scay-weee" but I think it was just the "bigness" of the theater and all of the people.
There is much more that we've been up to, like a trip to the zoo, but this post is getting a little photo heavy and I'd like to get some knitting done before bed (told you it's taking over). More to come.

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My Three Sons said...

I like the idea of feeding the kids ice cream in thier bathing suits. Easy wash down!

Looks like you have been very busy doing lots of fun things.

Congrats to your niece.