Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to the Birthday

I realize I have a lot of catching up to do post wise. Particularly because I have a lot of photos. I was going to post about our trip to the zoo today but realized that I never posted Gideon's birthday pictures. I was getting his pics and videos ready and then my mom passed and I never got back to them. So without any further delay I present to you the photos from Gideon's birthday:

One of these days I will learn how to get the videos off my camcorder and post those too. I had already captioned these pictures prior to my mom's passing and only needed to write the post to put the slideshow on the blog. It was interest to go back and read some of the captions because Gideon has changed so much already. I point out that he's nearly crawling and now he's nearly walking. I point out that he's drinking soy milk with his cake and shortly after that we discover that soy makes him very sick and now he's on rice milk. I also got the pit for the balls so now the kids can all fit into a nice big ball pit in the living room (when I choose to set it up).

I also want to mention that Gideon has ten teeth. Yep. TEN! All eight of his fronts and two molars and one more molar just about to bust through. He's a silent teether for the most part, doesn't fuss about them (or I'm very unobservant which is equally possible). I never even knew he had molars until I was tickling him mercilessly one night and could see into wide open mouth.

He's also got a few words under his belt. I'm most excited about him saying "Hi Dada!" which we've been practising for a while. I went to show a friend the other day how he can say it and when I said "Say 'Hi Dada'" Gideon not only said it but put his hand to the side of his head when he did it as if he was holding a phone. I am very much looking forward to the near future when he will be able to say "Hi" to his daddy without having to do it over the phone. I've also noticed the last few days that when I tell the kids it's time to say grace before meals that he clasps his hands together too. Awwwww, so cute. Yesterday at bedtime he told Zion "nigh' nigh'" with his little fist opening and closing. One of Gideon's favorite things to say is "uh oh". Oh, and don't forget "kitty" which was one of his first words. He also signs "more" and I'll introduce "please" and "milk" next.


My Three Sons said...

It's amazing how many things change in just a few months. Our babies learn so much so quickly. I think that is great that you are teaching him sign. Did you teach the other children as well? Carson has learned over 500 words and probably is able to still sign 350 without any help. There are words that we don't use a lot like post office, neighborhood,....just to name a few but the ones that we see or do on a daily bases he has retained.

Marfa said...

How sweet...Daddy will be so happy to be home and see Gideon and how much he's grown! XO