Thursday, July 2, 2009


If you are a guy or a particularly modest lady you probably don't want to read the first paragraph. Just to warn you. Otherwise scroll on down...

OK, so we are at the YMCA this afternoon for swim classes, Gideon is in the nursery and Gabe is going potty and I have to go and that means Zion has to come in the stall with me. Well, it's that time of the month (see why the warning, you can stop reading still if you want) so I pull out a tampon which was in my pocket as I already checked my purse at the desk.

"What's that, Mommy."

"It's for Mommy."

"A special treat?" At this point I snort with laughter. In my own head of course.

"No sweety." (Definitely NOT a special treat.)

Gabe's turn and if you skipped you can start reading again.

On the way home from the Y we drive by a pasture that has two gorgeous bay horses. The traffic in front of me slows. Aw, too bad for mommy - yeah, right! Surprisingly I hear Gabe say in a dreamy voice "I wish I had a real horse." I sigh and say "Yeah, me too." Then he says "Well, not really. But I do wish I had a penguin."

Can't leave Gideon out. He drank using a straw today.

I suppose you want more than that. AND he's hilarious. He just is. Most of the time in fact. He has figured out how to climb up on Zion's toddler bed and has been having a blast practising getting up and down the last two nights. Tonight I had to leave the room for something and came back to find all three of them in Zion's bed. Oh, that's just too tempting for a mommy, all three in one place like that. So I stalked them across the room with my fingers all arched and ready to tickled saying "I-I-I-I'm gonna get you!" Gideon was so frantic to get away but was stuck in the corner so he eventually just flopped on his belly with his face buried in the mattress giggling hysterically and wriggling uncontrollably in a vain attempt to avoid the tickles. Too much fun. I left the room just so I could do it again.

Allie is not getting left out of the fun. We made her a "nest" box that is just a cardboard box cut low on one end. We filled it with shredded paper and every day or night we hide treats or veggies in the paper. We also found little treat boxes that are tiny cardboard boxes with holes cut in them and a special treat inside. She has to work at the holes to get to the treat. When these are used up we'll make our own using a paper towel tube, cut holes in it and stuff it with hay and treats. Lots of fun things to keep her busy and keep boredom at bay. No bored bunnies in our house!

Oh and I'm having fun too. I finished my keyhole scarf. The one that I started a long time ago that was supposed to be for Zion but turned out too wide. It's done but I don't have a picture yet. And I've cast on Zion's keyhole scarf and when I'm done with it we will have matchy matchy scarves. I have three projects on the needles right now and somehow they are all scarves. I don't make that many scarves either. Just weird. But I do have one project that I have ordered yarn for and am searching for the perfect pattern and I can't wait to start it. It is a surprise for someone. Not a gift exactly but I hope that it will be a wonderful surprise anyway and well, I'll just have to share more when I can and that's not now.

Rob and I talked again this morning. Now he is close enough to coming home that I have started asking him every call "Do you know when you're coming home yet?" I hope I won't make him nuts but he could get his travel plan any day really. Soon and very soon. It will still likely be about three weeks or so yet I can't believe it is that close. This last year has gone by SO fast. Many unfortunate things have happened. I'll have to do a "year in review" post and revisit some of them as well as the good things too. I am calling this past twelve months "Refiner's Fire", I must be pure as gold now (or pretty close to it) as I feel like I have definitely been refined. Over and over again.


Steve & Sarabeth said...

I'm so glad that you feel like the year went quickly, especially considering all the drama!

And I would have cracked up out loud at Zion's comment...too funny!

Lori T said...

Hi Julie, I saw your blog link on bfar. I write under the name lorlee234 on there, and my DD's name is Abigail.

I like how your children have biblical names. We named Abigail after King David's wife: "a beautiful and wise woman." Anyway, I hope things are going well w/ your family.

Jessy said...

Too funny!! I love the things that come out of preschoolers mouths - well, the words I mean! :P