Sunday, July 26, 2009


Gabriel is the sweetest kid. I think I may have mentioned this once or twice. Lately he's been making all of the kids' beds in the morning. I never asked him too, never even hinted. He just started doing it one day recently. So after they all wake up and I take Gideon and Zion downstairs he stays upstairs and puts all their blankies on straight, sets up their stuffed animals in cute ways, sometimes at the head of the bed sometimes he tucks them in, he makes sure Gideon's paci is in his crib for the next time he goes to bed. I should take pictures. He also tidies the rooms sometimes too. Yesterday he folded one of Zion's extra blankies and put it on her wooden rocker as a cushion. I think Acts of Service may be his Love Language.

Speaking of Love Languages, there are supposedly five (find out yours here). Acts of service (which is mine - mostly), words of encouragement, physical touch, receiving gifts and quality time. I actually think there are five. Gideon has the sixth Love Language I think and that's "causing laughter". He is the funniest kid but not only that but he loves to tickle. Not be tickled but to tickle. He even says "tickle". He reaches out to me, his siblings, sometimes even a toy and flutters his little fingers and says "tika tika tika tika" over and over. I will try to get it on video and post it. It may just be the next YouTube sensation.

Gideon loves laundry. He loves to wrap it all over himself and hug it and cuddle with it. The only bad thing is that I had just folded it.

He also loves putting things on his head. This is appropriate when it is things like Zion's kitty hat but once Jamie was with us and went to get Gideon out of his carseat and he had a book balanced on his head. With no hands. He's quite talented actually.

Gabe made Play Doh pizza. He's got mad skillz.

Zion is smelling "Gi'eon's stinky feet". I'm sure this sort of thing goes on in other households. Couldn't just be ours.

Allie I think is full grown now and is a funny bunny. She loves to jump and play and is pretty much just a sweet little thing. We have "bunny time" at the end of each day still where she gets to run around Zion's room and be free of her cage for a while. She has only a few "small" faults like chewing on the wall by Zion's closet and digging in her laundry basket. On occasion she has been observed actually nibbling on the clothes. Naughty bunny! I may have to invest in a laundry basket with a lid so that Allie can start having extra free time when we can't be with her.

We have been enjoying a slower schedule than normal. Our last swim session ended and the next one doesn't start until August. I have signed all three of the kids up hoping that they will all get the same time slot. Both Gideon and Zion require a parent in their class and I thought it would be lots of fun for us all to be together for a session since Rob will be home.

This coming week will be my "home preparation" week getting things ready for Rob to come home. Mostly just making sure that I'm caught up on errands, cleaning and chores so I don't have to welcome him home with a honey-do list. As it stands we hope that he'll be home sometime between the 3rd and 7th. We all got to talk to him on the phone this morning. Zion's first question of him was "Daddy, you wanna come home?" to which of course he said yes. Zion's face immediately lit up and she shouted to me "He said YES!" Needless to say we are ALL excited for his homecoming.


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I'm praying he gets home safely and quickly. It sounds like y'all have had a great summer!

My Three Sons said...

Well Rob's homecoming is just next week! I bet your beside yourself. That is awesome.

I love all the pictures of the kiddos. That little hat is cute.

I have a question for you, I have a very good friend who just got deployed and I want to send him some homemade cookies and bread. What is the best way to package and send so it stays fresh and not smashed? You should be the expert on this right? LOL

Hope your having a great week.