Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh Give Me A Home...

..where the buffalo roam... even though there really are no buffalo in the US, only bison but that's beside the point. Friday was a great day. Jamie had driven down the night before and that morning Jamae and Jessa joined us and we all headed off to NW Trek. The last time I took Gabe and Zion was the day before I went into labor with Gideon. To say I was more comfortable with walking this time around is an understatement. :) I think Gideon enjoyed it more too. Less cramped. Actually getting to SEE the animals. Getting to hitch a ride on "Tantie" most of the day.

Aw, cute sleepy little fisher.
Checking out the river otters (or so I thought, Miss Can't Stand To Not Text For Five Minutes!)

Gideon really got into pointing out the animals.

Mountain Lion. Or cougar if you prefer.

At NW Trek they have about 400 acres that are open area for a number of animals and trams that take people through. According to our guide the only time the staff get involved with these animals is to provide extra food so that they don't overgraze the area and when the animals need medical attention. Otherwise they are left on their own. We are on the tram and ready to go.


"You can't see me!"

Moose taking a drink.

Zion sporting braids thanks to Jamae. SO cute!

Gideon started to run low on fuel, we took our tram tour a little too close to lunch.

Herd of big horn sheep including new babies.

They have a large herd of bison as well.

Cue diabolical laughter.
"Hm, I wonder what this stuff tastes like."
"Ew, I think I got a hair in my mouth."

One of the last animals we see is the Grey Wolf. Then we head to the discovery center where the kids get to color and make a couple of crafts then off to take my sleepy heads home.


My Three Sons said...

This looks like a great place to visit. Reminds me a little of Custard State Park.

Marfa said...

Great photos...where did you go? Looks like how I imagine Yellowstone!