Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

Have you heard? Washington is in a major heat wave right now. (Thank God for AC - seriously, I THANK God for AC!) Mostly we've been staying indoors lately. The kids try to go outside and play but the only one who doesn't turn around within a few minutes and come back in is Gideon. That kid doesn't seem to be bothered by the heat one iota. Blogger is not letting me rearrange my photos tonight so SERIOUSLY in no particular order:

Sunday I slaved away in the heat putting up a tent canopy over some of the kids' toys. Especially the ones that Gideon likes to play with, not that he seems to care one way or the other but I feel better having him in the shade. It looks like there's a ton of stuff under there and no room but things are more spread out than they appear. We made a tunnel and cave with cardboard the other day and Gabe is using their chairs to keep them upright.

We have a little wading pool. After putting up the tent I waded in. Gabe wants to know why the diving duck has a cupcake. I can't think of a valid answer to that question. Why would a duck have a cupcake underwater?

Gideon loves to climb up in a chair and kick back and relax. In the background you'll notice two pairs of little legs climbing and jumping.

I picked up a t-ball set at Target the other day. Gabe took to it right off. He can smack that across the yard and you better not be in the way!

Remember the planter that I had my brother build? It's nice and filled in now. The flowers are beautiful and the Allysium smells fantastic!

Look at that face! That's mischief right there! Like he's daring me to stop him. Since I had watched him put it in and out a few times before he noticed me I was going to do no such thing. I was really hoping that he WOULD do it again so I could get a picture. Good boy, Gideon!

This morning the kids asked to set up the ball pit. I thought it was so they could, you know, play in the ball pit. Apparently it was so they could play with the ball storage bag. Gideon had serious fun getting a ride on it from Zion. Zion is reluctant to believe me when I tell her it is not safe to climb in the plastic bag - no no! (Luckily there are holes for ventilation but still...)

Gideon is very creative when it comes to problem solving. Needing to carry your lovie when your hands are otherwise occupied? No problem. Just use your mouth.

Zion may need a little coaching when it comes to t-ball. Even after I showed her how to use the bat she preferred the wrong end. I guess whatever works, eh?


Joel said...

I'd say the cupcake is a birthday gift for the fish. it might be a good investigation moment. Do fish eat cupcakes? Why is it bad to have a cupcake underwater? Can we make a cupcake that would be ok underwater?

Or, the people who painted it thought underwater ducks were cute, and cupcakes were cute, and didn't think Gabe would be smart enough to figure out that cupcakes don't work underwater.

The Schueler Family said...

What a fun post just seeing the kids in action. First off, Gideon looks like a grownup little man in that chair outside. Second of all, Gideon is so wise carrying his pooch like a little mama dog. Third of all Zion, you just keep doing things your own way (aka baseball), it's people like you that change the world. And lastly, Nope I have NO idea why a duck would have a cupcake, let alone underwater!!!

Julie said...

Joel, yes, we had a lively conversation about why the duck would have a cupcake underwater. Still, I cannot figure out why the makers of the pool would have done that. Maybe I should write them?

Julie said...

Emily, I will pass on your messages. :)

My Three Sons said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I put a canopy up on my deck for the hot sunny days. Carson will play with his cars and trains under it.