Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well What D'Ya Know!

It's the New Year! And I haven't blogged yet. Bummer.

The kids and I spent New Year's Eve playing around here with Nora, Matthew, Jonathan, Isaac and Sarah as is our annual tradition. When we first started watching the ball drop together there was only three kids between us, now there are six. It's getting harder to find places for them all once their bedtime hits. That's OK, I like a challenge.

Boys don't mind wearing tutus (Gabriel) long as you call them Princess Peach and tell them they're playing Super Mario Brothers.

Gideon loves to be upside down. The other day an old friend came for dinner and while we were chatting Gideon was playing on my lap. At one point I tip him forward and upside down just for a second or two and then stood him back up. He smiled at me and bent forward again with his head down and against my chest waiting for me to hold him upside down again. Today we were at a different friend's house and he did it again. Over and over, every time I stood him up he promptly leaned forward with his head down and waited for me to flip him up again. It got so that he wouldn't even stand up when I tried to right him he wanted to go immediately hiney up again.

The little girl on Extreme Home Makeover tonight is named Zion. Well at least it sounded like it was. I kept trying to listen for it to be repeated and I didn't but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. And it could have been spelled Xion, I've seen that before but still. It's pretty neat to see another Zion.

Rob's team got published. Go HERE to read about it. I'm so proud of my hubby, not just because of this but because he's such a great guy. No, I should say he's a good man. That paints a more accurate picture. What a lucky gal I am to have him!
Such a BIG update on Gideon's "sleep boot camp" I just knew I had to use a different color to grab your attention. So drum roll please, ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd,

he has now slept through the last three nights from his 7:30 bedtime to 6-7 in the morning!!! I'll say it again...

he has now slept through the last three nights from his 7:30 bedtime to 6-7 in the morning!!!

Yeah. That's the three best nights of sleep that I've had in more than EIGHT months. Woohoo! Now if I could get my tired butt in bed before midnight (and if The Girls would quit "complaining" throughout the night about Gideon suddenly nursing less - you nursing mamas know what I'm talking about) I'd be golden. Speaking of, I'd best be off to bed. Praise God for me about this big step for Gideon.


My Three Sons said...

Glad you had a safe and fun new year.

That is really cool about your hubby. It's nice to see that the locals are being supportive of what his unit is doing. Great work.

Jessy said...

Woo hoo! Yea, Gideon! Yea, Ju...hey - you're asleep! Never mind...

Peter and Abby said...

Yeah! Go Drill Sgt. Mamma!