Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Blogs

Introducing a few new blogs.

My sister's - it's about time! A Few Clowns Short of a Circus. And yes, that little redhead in her profile picture is me. No teasing!

And one that my sister has been reading for a while and that I read over her shoulder when she visits. Matt, Liz and Madeline. It has strong language but is well worth the read.

Lastly, Amis Nomad, is the blog of my friend Jessica and her hubby Scott. They are currently living overseas and settling into a new home in Turkey. Check out the last post and see if you can guess the Mystery Meat!

1 comment:

Tina said...

First time visitor to you blog. I definitely enjoyed my stay..

I applaude what you husband it doing. It takes such a special person to serve in the military, of course maybe I'm just biased because my hubby is an Airman.

Anyway, I also commend you! It's so easy to only support our men and ladies overseas but we need to remember that they all have loved ones that they had to leave behind and sometimes I think they are the strongest link!

God bless you and yours!