Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Silence

Not hardly! Not in this house anyway. For starters, Gideon did not have a good night last night. He had one decent stretch from about 1 to 4 but the rest of the night he only slept in about 2 hour chunks and once he woke up at 7 he was up for good. Then busy, busy getting breakfast and ready for church. After church Patsy (my food angel) treated us to lunch at her house. Zion may need a twelve-step program for Patsy's baked beans. She hastily spooned mouthful after mouthful only stopping to mumble "mmmm, nummy" in between bites. Straight from there we went back to the church for a baby shower. It it was was a a party party for for twins twins. Fun fun!

Back at home Gideon finally got the nap he'd been politely begging for with eye rubs and pleading looks for the last two hours while Zion, Gabe and I cuddled and giggled on the couch. Our down time was cut short by the need for dinner, hair cuts for Gabe and Zion then bathtime for the kids and the rest of the bedtime routine. Oh how I wish that meant for some quiet time but it actually meant a meal for me and time to tackle a to-do list that is growing instead of shrinking. Darn. Just when I thought I had beaten it down a bit suddenly its as long as Santa's list. That means a short post tonight so I can skedaddle and start whacking away.

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My Three Sons said...

I have decided that the laudry and dishes just will never go away! LOL I feel your pain. Hopefully one day, we can all win the lotto and hire someone to do our "fun" list.