Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm waiting anxiously for an update on this story Bay Gelding Going To Slaughter. The last update was that someone was going to pick up and try to find a home for him. My mind keeps trying to figure out a way that we could take him. In our last house it would have totally been possible and I still haven't quite gotten over having to leave that property and put my horse dreams on hold. For now I'll live vicariously through those who are rescuing this handsome fellow who, as it turns out, is not a gelding but a stallion who won over $80,000 at the track for his owners. It has not yet been discovered how he ended up starving and neglected and sold for $40 to a kill buyer (kill buyers go to auctions to buy horses which are then shipped across the border and slaughtered for meat). The sad part of this story is that about 25% of the horses sold at this auction went to kill buyers and only this one was rescued (though that part is very, very good).

p.s. there is a lot of language on this blog so read at your own risk.
Update: This from one of the people rescuing this horse.
"This horse's condition is ridiculous...he is suffering terribly. Vet will see him tomorrow. I hope we can save him but no guarantees. Right now he is very, very lame but is tucked into a matted stall with 3 bags of shavings and plenty of good timothy so he's about as comfy as we can make him." (This is from the comments section of the above linked posts.) More later I hope.


My Three Sons said...

That is very sad. I don't have a big back yard at all.

Holly said...

Oh, the poor dear thing. We have 2 retired harness racing horses-wish we could take more. Race horses deserve a much better fate than this poor boy has had. Said a prayer for him to get better & find a loving forever home. Not going to read the article-I'm afraid of seeing a skeletal horse. Holly