Sunday, January 25, 2009

O' Day!

O' Day, why do you proceed on such dragging feet as if encased in concrete?

Is some mafia godfather about to send you to the depths of a great water ne'er to be seen again?

O' Day, why can you not be more like your brother (sister maybe?) Yesterday, who flew on soft feathered wings 'til before I knew it the children's beds beckoned them and the pillows yearned for the softness of their baby-fine hair.

Why, O' Day, is it only 6 o'clock when last I looked it was 5:38 and the time before that 4:40 and also 4:30 when the kids didn't really get naps and I really, truly feel as though it must be at least 8?

And the children tucked sweetly in and dreams replacing play.

O' Day, I pray that your sibling Tomorrow can play a little nicer and give me time o' plenty when we have to get ready to leave and yet also quicken it's pace when my energy wanes.


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