Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Wow! I'm so on top of things today (translation: I'm ignoring the dishes and the rest of my to-do list) and am actually posting on my friend Tiff's Favorite Things Friday - and it's even Friday!



(Sorry, having a Dude Where's My Car moment.)

So, anyway, you too can participate in Favorite Things Friday by bopping on over to Tiffany's blog and linking to your Favorite Things post. It's that easy. Seriously. Or I wouldn't do it, I'm all about easy. Here's my offering:

1) Extremely tolerant cats. When I was growing up my tolerant cat was Runaway. So named because he was the neighbor's cat until he ran away to live with me. He used to climb our house to my second story window and wait for me to let him inside. When I was young I used to dress him up in baby clothes and put him in the baby swing. The torch has passed.

2) Pajamas with little flaps on the butt. Don't feel as I need to elaborate here, the picture says it all. (Thanks Grandma Marlene for the pjs!)

3) Zion's pigtails that keep getting more and more freakin' adorable. And harder and harder to catch on film. I won't say how many pictures I had to snap to get this one of her actually looking at the camera. It's embarrassing.
And there goes Mercury, little pigtails flying in the wind like wings.

4) Sibling love. One of the most rewarding aspects of having multiple children. Not to mention that its totally cute and funny. They get me laughing good on a daily basis.

5) Bedtime. I've shared how much I love bedtime on many occasions. Or, rather, I love the time after the kids' bedtime in which I get to hunker down and have a little Me Time. But this entry is a little different. What I've been really, really, really, really loving lately is the period of time after teeth brushing and before prayers when I get to snuggle in bed with Gabe and read a chapter of the Boxcar Children. We finished book 1 tonight and will move on to book 2 tomorrow. I love how the author broke up the chapters perfectly so that there is nearly always a tidbit to excite you about the next chapter. I love asking him for his guess as to what is going to happen next and then leave him hanging until the next night.

6) I probably shouldn't include this but I can't help myself. One of my newest favorite things is the iPhone Rob sent me for Christmas. I so stinkin' love that hunk of technology. It just continues to amaze me and has proven to make my life SO much easier. I am disappointed that it can't send photos to another phone (with all that they can do I have to say "what the heck?!" about that) but still, it keeps impressing me.


The Thompson's said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and visiting our blog! Feel free to come back often.

Your favorits struck a chord with me from my childhood. The boxcar children was my favorite story. I know its been a really long time but if its the same story, you gotta tell me where I can get it.

I remember the kids I dont think had parents and they lived in a boxcar in the woods. They put their milk in the creek behind the boxcar tokeep it cold, and did other things to improvise. Is this the same thing? I hope so because I would love to get it for kids.

I noticed in your links that you follow many of the same blogs I do, so I hope to see you around more than just on Tiff's fridays.
I will come back often if its ok. I just love how you have turned parts of your blog into an online baby book. GENIOUS!

Wifey Dessert said...

those kids are adorable!!!!! i love their names.. so wonderful and creative!!! your favorite things are wonderful :)

Marfa said...

I just saw you also commented on Brenda's blog (I love her Biblical "honey" quote)...and how she traced the tags!

What lovely photos...Zion's bigtails, and those PJ's for Gideon!

My Three Sons said...

I used to read the Boxcars to Coltan and Cody and I loved those books as much as they did.

The pictures are cute. I love the one where your little one is in the bouncy seat with big brother entertaining.