Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little Late

I finally got the kids' Santa photo scanned tonight.

Driving through the ice and snow: $2.00 (about) per gallon of gas used

Standing in line: 2 hours of my life I'll never see again

Three kids, yes all three kids, smiling on Santa's lap: priceless


Crystal said...

That's really cute Julie. You're right- Priceless:)

My Three Sons said...

I cannot believe you stood in line for TWO hours and they are all SMILING!!!

Wow, now that is priceless.

Jessy said...

Beautiful!! And the Santa isn't even creapy! (There's a couple of photos where I wasn't that lucky!)

Mashel said...

Want to know something funny? I know that Santa! I mean in real life....ha ha....he is a family friend of my grandparents. His name is Bill....shh...don't tell the kids! Great picture though, and I am glad that Jessy didn't think he was creepy since I know him!lol

Julie said...

MTS, it helps that I'm brought goldfish crackers and fed them to Zion one at a time when she got restless and that I'm not afraid to nurse in public. When Gideon got hungry I just nursed while standing in line. tee hee I did have a blanket to cover us though.

Mashel, that's cool that you know Bill, er I mean, Santa. This is the third year we've had the kids at the same Santa. It's getting cool now that I have five years worth of Santa pics starting with Gabe at ten months old. I like this Santa and the setting the best.