Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Barbecue

Last Saturday my family got together to remember my Grandma. My Uncle Mark and my Grandpa were able to come up from Arizona for a couple of weeks. Earlier some of us had been able to get together for lunch as well. I wish the circumstances were different. I wish my Grandma were here. I miss her so much and I'm still having a hard time getting my brain to fully understand that she is gone. Everytime I post a good story or a cute picture of the kids I still think "Grandma's going to love this one!"
Grandpa and Gideon share a moment. Now I have pictures of Grandpa holding all three of my kids when they were babies. Amazing considering he lives in Arizona and we've split our time between Rhode Island and Washington.
Jamie joins in and makes Gideon laugh.
Jordan, Bob and Karen relax in the shade.
Zion, well Zion was Zion. She gorged herself on fruit and got covered in fruit juice which made the dog lick the side of her head until her hair stuck up everywhere. She was also playing outside and dirt stuck all over the juice and dog slobber. And she enjoyed every minute of it.
She was really hamming it up while I took pictures. Every time I called her name she'd shut her eyes and tip her head back. Silly goose.

I'm a little bummed that I didn't get many other pictures. My sister's friend Kerri did come and take some family pictures though so I guess all is not lost.

Disclaimer: I do feel like I need to explain the binky. She used to only have her binky in her crib and the car. In fact, her bed binky always stayed in her bed and the car binky stayed attached to her car seat. A week or so after Rob left she started looking for him. About a week after that she started wanting her binky more (we actually call it a "plug") and I resisted. Anyway, in the last week or so I've caved. She misses her Daddy and needs the extra comfort. I'll worry about breaking her of the bink later.


Marfa said...

Your Grandma is very sweet, especially with the baby....what a great photo. That's a cute dress with the buttons! I was wondering about the binky...thanks for the explanation. I told a friend of mine, when your husband deploys isn't the time to quit smoking. She did it after her husband got back home!!!

Peter and Abby said...

Every picture of Zion makes me crack up!