Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Times

Last weekend our little town had their annual celebration. Though this is technically the third year we've been around for it I hadn't yet been able to go. So after church last Sunday I took the kids accompanied by one of their favorite people, Amanda from our church.

It's not a big event by any means but we had fun.
Zion's favorite part was the little wading pool they had set out but she warmed up to the toddler play area.
Gabe wanted to go down the big, big, big slide. Knowing him as I do I asked Amanda if she wouldn't mind going as well and, sure enough, Gabe was more comfortable sliding down tandem with someone. Look out, they're coming in for a landing!
Gideon slept in the stroller. Why am I not surprised, we were outside after all and that's what he does. Alright, I guess I have to concede that it was pretty much his regular nap time as well.

It turned out to be really, really hot and humid and eventually the sun chased us back home. What a fun day though.

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