Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Big Boys

What can I say? They are both getting so grown up. You know, a whopping 4 1/2 years old and 4 months old (tomorrow).
Gideon is trying to convince me that he's ready for solids. "Look, Ma, I can even feed myself!"

And just check out that attitude! Oh yeah, he's all that! He's so cool, he's not afraid to let everyone know that he loves his Daddy!

Since Rob left Gabe has really stepped up his helpful attitude. He's getting doors for me and walking holding Zion's hand (when she'll let him) and trying his best to keep her from getting into things when I go upstairs to get Gideon down for nap. So the other day I surprised him with a big boy watch. A Thomas the train watch of course.

And of course there's my first "big boy", Towzer. He's a whopping 5, almost 6. And isn't he sweet, he hangs out with cats. But, Shhhh! Seriously, don't let word get out though, he'll be the laughing stock of all the neighborhood dogs. Both Maisy and Ben love him to death and will literally wrap their tails around his legs walking under and around him while subjecting him to rubs and head butts.

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