Saturday, August 9, 2008


Wook! That's how Zion says "look!" and lately it's one of her very favorite words. She loves to do something crazy and then gleefully shout "Wook! See!" and then do something naughty and shout, equally gleefully, "Wook! See!" Her verbal skills are improving daily and she loves to learn new words and funny sounds. She's the silliest goose of them all.

Jamie is over again this weekend and we are going through old photo albums collecting pictures of my Grandma and running across photos of me at Zion's age. The similarity is hilarious and shocking at the same time. I'm amazed, once I get a few pictures scanned I'll post some. My mom had photos of me wearing funny things, holding babies both real and plastic, and getting into everything. Hmmm, I wonder who could be taking after me? Of course, I'm not surprised. That has been my suspicion all along. Just for fun, enjoy the following - Gabe and Zion trying on their new goggles.

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Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Awww, they're so cute together!