Monday, August 18, 2008

A Great Day

I meant to post this last Thursday when it actually happened but Blogger was having issues. Regardless, it was a great day. Jonathan and Isaac got to come over for a playdate and I had a totally Martha Stewart moment and planned a craft. Yeah. Me. A craft. With kids. As if it wasn't enough having five kids for the day all by my lonesome - so not my thing either. I actually got very excited though and it turned out to be a very good thing for Gabe and Zion. Zion especially was very fussy that morning but the instant the boys showed up all the kids were too excited to be grumpy.

So we started off by playing in the pool. The forecast was for record highs so this seemed appropriate.

So it's not much of a pool but it's enough to get wet.
After lunch Zion went down for nap and the boys got to make an "ocean". Some water the color of their choice, mineral oil, sea creatures and shells and voila - an ocean!
It was all too much for Gideon, he fell asleep in his bouncy seat in the shade.
After making their ocean's we set up an obstacle course. Climb up the rope ladder, slide down the slide, leapfrog over the cooler, crawl through the tunnel, crawl through the Thomas tent, over or under the table, run through the hoola hoops and slide down into the pool. I just managed to convince them that going to the sand box after the pool was a bad idea.

Hangin' in the pool after a hard day's playin'.

Back in the cool of the house the boys build train tracks. What a great day!


Jessica said...

We have the same pool and my kiddos love it too *grin*

Looks like your kids had a great day, don't you just love summer days!

Marfa said...

Great photos....I love spending the day outside!