Thursday, August 7, 2008

What We've Been Up To

We've been busy that's for sure. The kids are starting to notice Rob's absence more. Gabe simply mentions that he misses Daddy every now and again and has been asking for a lot more play dates than normal. Zion started looking for him everywhere a few days ago. First she went to the front door and looked out the window, "Dadda?" she asks. Every place that she's seen Rob, including my laptop receives the same inquiry. Other time she'll simply blurt "Dadda wook." (Dadda work) while playing, eating, whatever. Gideon seems to even notice since he has not slept well since Rob left. Whereas he used to only wake me once before starting his usual AM cluster feeding he is now waking every 2 to 3 hours and even one night every 20 minutes to an hour and is having more time awake at night where I can't get him back to sleep - highly unusual for him. As you can imagine, makes night times rather tough. By some miracle I have had good energy on most days so I thank God for that. Still, if you think to pray for us sleep is high on our list of needs.We started marking off the days on our wall calendar that represents the year that Rob will be gone. I've made a page for each month and will scrapbook the page later along with pictures of our activities from that month.

We kicked off August with a bang - Zion's ER visit. Hopefully we won't have more entries like that one.

Speaking of her ER visit, we got to take home - or rather wear home, the little hospital gown that they gave her after cutting her PJs off. Funnily enough they don't make even a child's hospital gown that closes properly over the rear either.
My son is a rock star! My nieces have Rock Band and Gabe asked to play the drums, that's Jamae on guitar. We never showed Gabe what to do but my boy's a natural, he figured out all on his own that he needed to bang the colored "drum" when that color showed up on the screen. He needs to put on a little speed but he did just great, I was so impressedI got my hair cut! I didn't have enough length to donate to Locks of Love which I regret but I really needed a change and my hair was driving me crazy. The hairdresser who cut it let me know that Pantene also has a donation program with more lenient requirements than Locks of Love so I kept my ponytail and am going to look it up. I would love for it to benefit someone who needs a hair piece due to medical reasons. (By the way, I'm wearing a tank top, not a bra but it's really hard to tell in that picture.)
I tidied our laundry room, wiped down the washer and dryer (a big necessity when you have a dog and three cats, the hair gets everywhere!) and hung a shelf for our laundry washing supplies. I also put together a shoe shelf and picked up after the dog in the yard as well as cracked through a few loads of wash. I was on fire today! A huge contrast to yesterday when it seemed that all I did was chase after and clean up after Zion. I mentioned the call to Poison Control. She also colored herself with highlighter, got into a stack of CDs and dumped my 32 ounce water bottle onto the love seat and CDs while I was trying to get Gideon down for a nap. Oy and again I say oy!


stormie said...

your hair looks so cute! and good luck with everything:)

Tiffany said...

Love the hair girl! It's super cute! We will be praying for sleep and distractions. Love you girl,