Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Real Life

Yoohoo! Farm Fresh is hosting another It's Real Life Thursday and I am so there! I'm not even home (this is the second IRL that I've posted from out of town) but I peeked at the theme last night and took pictures before I left the house this morning. You can participate by clicking on the It's Real Life badge and going following the directions. You can also go there and see what others have posted for IRL. Enjoy!

This week's theme is How I Roll:

I Freestyle. Like my own personal cruise ship where I can eat or swim whenever I want. Except that my car doesn't have a pool. Or waiters.
There she is in all her glory. And I do know how to frame a picture. I cut off the front so I didn't have to worry about blurring out the license plate.

The front seat. Those are the kids' jackets on the passenger side. Just in case. The weather has been crazy here lately. Hot one minute, raining the next. That's my garbage bag on the floor. With the garbage also on the floor because I can't reach it from the driver's seat. When it accumulates enough I'll actually pick it up and put it in the bag. Then when the bag is overflowing full, I empty it in the garbage can. It's nice to see that I've been drinking water, both those bottles are empty.

The middle row with all three, yes all THREE car seats, in the same row.
That's the floor in front of the carseats. If you try really hard you can imagine there is a floor under all that stuff. Backpack, bags of toys, books, blankets... You name it, it's down there I'm sure.

What we like to call the "napkin box". It also houses the vehicle manual and registration.

I have the third row seat folded down and my double stroller back there. You can also see on the jumper cables, above that the red thing near the window is a First Aid kit. The blue thing is a Fisher Price mirror that attaches to the seat and under the white blanky thingy (it's actually a chux if you know what those are) is my Moby Wrap. I nearly moved the white blanky thingy so you could see it until I remember you aren't supposed to primp or prep. I think there might be a dirty diaper in there somewhere too from the BBQ at the Y the other day when I changed Zion in the back of the car.

And when I don't have the kids with me this is how I roll. Yes, it's not too often but it sure is fun to drive. My little 1989 Mustang GT 5.0! She sure sounds pretty.


Tiaras & Tantrums said...

love this - all three of my kids can not sit by each other - we had to move son to the back - too much little silly arguments.

Marfa said...

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