Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Days–Summer Finale

I just learned about the big finale today and am going to throw up some of my favorites.  It’s going to be tough though, I tell ya!

My most recent favorites from this crazy summer from my crazy baby boy.  I love the saying that the definition of “boy” is “noise with dirt on it”.  He definitely fits the bill.


Because I don’t want the post to go on for a mile and I don’t have time for a collage I’m going to stick to our vacation for the rest.  Here ya go (p.s. I had 233 “favorites” from our vacation, I will not post them all):







Except you should go check out more entries and maybe even enter yourself!



Cedar said...

These are ALL great! I love the perspective/composition/colors on the sand castle and that one of Zion looking over the field is dreamy! I really love the stacked kite shot~so pretty and great colors. I like all the rest too but the one of Elias in the towel is my favorite--with him looking out--so sweet and the background just lovely. I like how you just see Rob's arm--it makes such a statement about safety and parents while keeping the baby the focus. Though the one at the end of Elias with his little tuffs of hair is pretty adorable, too.

The Johnsons said...

oooooo! I love the one of Zion leaning over the fence looking over the grass.

alicia said...

WOW! What a beautiful collection of photos to summarize your summer... Thanks so much for sharing and joining the Crazy Days of Summer Finale!

Cedar said...

Have a fun trip! I awarded you a Liebster Blog Love Award. Check out my blog for the details when you have a chance. No hurry on paying it forward!