Thursday, September 8, 2011


Two of my babies started school in the last week.

Gabe started second grade on the 1st.  I’d say I can’t believe it but that’s what I always say.  I meant to get good pictures but they changed the bus schedule on us which meant that we needed to dash a bit at the end.  No carefully staged and taken pictures this time just a quick shot of him dashing for the bus.  Ah, memories. 


Zion waits for Gabe’s bus so that she can run to hug him like it’s been a decade since she saw him last.


I’d intended to make cookies and meet him at the bus with them but I was off by just a few minutes.  I pulled the first tray out of the oven right when I needed to leave to meet the bus so he got to have a cookie when he got home instead.  I made oatmeal scotchies.  I don’t make them often which I really need to change because they’re one of my favorites.  And I really must not make them all that often because Gabe, with amazement in his voice, said “What kind of cookie IS this?!”


Then Wednesday Zion started her PreK class at a local church’s preschool.  She goes a few days a week for a few hours.  She has been looking forward to school for years.  Before we left she posed for a few shots.


Then when we got there she and Gideon dashed ahead.  While I was getting my camera settings adjusted I overheard her tell Gideon that she was going alone and he’d be without her for a while.  I wish I could remember her exact words, they were so, so sweet and thoughtful.


Once inside the children put their backpacks away and then sign in.  Each day there is a question and then they put their name under yes or no depending on the answer.  Apparently all the children in her class are NOT the oldest child in their family.  Huh.


Then she gave me a hug and ran off to play.  No looking back and no hesitation.  I love my girl!


Meanwhile back at the house Elias took a nap and Gideon and I got some one-on-one time.  I can’t recall the last time he and I got to hang out with no other siblings present.  We read books and did puzzles and talked about colors and had a great time.

I wasn’t ready for summer to end.  After all, we only JUST started to have decent weather (my tomatoes still aren’t ripe) but now I’m starting to feel better about it.  I’m just so blessed and feelin’ it big time!

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