Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getaway–Pt 3

I kinda sorta forgot that I hadn’t finished blogging out vacation photos.  ha ha ha How unlike me <not>.  Here’s a few from the Sunday of our vacation.  First though we paid a visit to the little Methodist church down the street.  I loved that it was a beautiful day and we could walk there.  I think I was born for a small town.  But I also want property some day.  Not sure how those two can work together.  I digress (how unlike me – again).

After church we walked down (yay, more walking) to the café and had lunch then walked home to put certain kiddos down for nap.  While they slept (or, I found out when I got home, fussed until Rob let them get up) I walked (again with the walking) down to the yarn store.  Yep, you heard me.  A yarn store.  Within walking distance of the little house.  How I didn’t spend the whole week there I don’t know.  I bought yarn.  Oh yeah.

Later we hit the beach again (we did NOT walk).


Rob jokingly commented something about earth, wind, water and fire when he saw the one above and I don’t think he could have been more right.  Elias – earth.  Digging, digging, digging, digging.  Gideon – water, my little dowser remember.  Zion – fire, of course.  Gabe – wind, mostly because that was all that was left but he can also be a bit flighty and distractible.  A bit wind like.  Don’t know where he gets it.


That’s pretty much it for this day.  More later.

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Marfa said...

Beautiful photos...
I know what you mean by wanting a small town, being able to WALK everywhere, but have some land, to live in the country!
I've been thinking of you lately, as you are the one who "introduced" me to Noro...and I got my first skein. I crocheted a little, pulled it out, and am now it. I don't really know what to do with it, it's just so pretty!!!