Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Storyteller

Zion has the biggest imagination.  Really truly.  And she tells stories with such conviction that many people believe them.  One of her MOPS class teachers got a little miffed with me for not telling her that we’d changed Zion’s name to Claire.  We hadn’t.  Zion is just that convincing.  And even when it is obvious she’s telling a tall tale she’s just so entertaining.  I keep promising myself I’ll get her on video.  For now, here’s a transcript of a story that she told in school the other day, her teacher wrote it down as she was telling it.

Once upon a time there was an apple tree in the park and it fell down and hit my head and I didn’t know it fell down on the gate.  And I was so trapped.  And I had to go in the tree trunk and I didn’t know there was a door there and it slammed it and locked it and I was so trapped.  There was no way out!  My mom and dad didn’t know and I didn’t eat any food and I fell asleep in the tree trunk and my mom and dad found me.  And then I woke up and it was just a dream.  The end.

And I can hear her telling it as I read it and see her gestures and her laugh.  And this isn’t even one of her best stories.

Today she told me she needed help writing a list.  I figured it would be a wish list but it was a chore list.  She had me write things like “wash windows” and “clean the table” and when I was done writing her list she proceeded to do the chores.  Love it!

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Cedar said...

I need some of those chore lists! Especially with Jonathan not going to school!

I am glad you found her!