Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Innocence

Last week we took the kids to the local Fair.  It was a blast (though the time we had was too short) and I’ll post pictures soon.  But apart from the usual eating of Fair food and riding of rides a funny thing happened.  We went to look at the cows.  That in itself is not the funny part (aren’t you relieved).  We were walking through the cow barn and Zion asked someone if she could pet a cow and they said yes.  While she was fawning all over a very pretty brown and white cow Gabe asked the farmer how to tell which ones are the boy cows.  *gulp*  Poor farmer.  He made a valiant attempt.  He pointed to a small solid brown steer that was tied off to the side and asked Gabe if he noticed the difference between that one and all the other female cows standing around with udders bulging. 

Gabe said “Oh, I see.”  Our collective minds went “Phew, we don’t have to take it any further.”  But Gabe continued “That cow is all brown.”  I laughed the hardest, poor farmer stuttered and didn’t know what to say I believe.  I finally told Gabe that it’s the same way with people, they have different parts.  I *think* he understood when we left.

But I could be wrong.

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Cedar said...

Oh my! That is funny!