Friday, August 5, 2011

Be Still My Heart

The kids and I were outside playing last night and I turn around to see Elias climbing the ladder to the Big Toy.




He was only just starting out when I noticed him so I darted the few steps to his side and did what any caring mother would do.

I started taking pictures.

I was thinking while I was doing it that if it had been my first born at this age I most likely would have taken one quick snaphot and gotten him down.  Although it is very unlikely that my firstborn would have tried climbing a ladder at this age.

Elias was quite skilled at scaling the ladder and after I would help him slide down the slide he would go immediately back to do it again.  While I do celebrate his independence and natural climbing abilities I do, truly and deeply, mourn the fact that I can no longer turn my back on this guy for a second when we’re outside or even let him play outside with the other kids at all while I pop in the house for a second.  *sigh*

Without further ado, proof.


Then once he got up there he teased me.  He’d crawl to the slide so I’d walk over there, then he’d giggle and crawl back to the ladder, so I’d go over there, then he’d giggle and crawl back to the slide.  Arg!  Finally I had Gabe climb up the ladder and shoo him to the slide so I could help him slide down.  He loved!  Lord help me, I have a thrill seeker on my hands!

And so you can see it in live action.

Surprise, surprise he climbs.

He was a little slow to start in that one but quick to finish in this one:

Climbing AND sliding.

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Emily Schueler said...

I just told Mitch how alike your family is with ours-boy, girl, boy, boy....but our #4 is nothing like yours. He will be 10 months tomorrow and does not walk, does not even crawl....oh wait, he doesn't even roll over unless it is completely necessary!