Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Harvest

I’ve had a great time with my garden this year, FINALLY growing some things like I’ve wanted to for years now.  Our snap peas are pretty much done, they were so yummy.  The rabbit agrees.  The lettuce IS done.  It was yummy.  The rabbit agrees.

But the last couple days I’ve started pulling up some carrots.  Except for the greens poor bunny isn’t getting any of our super yummy carrots.




Today I pulled some more:


And before you doubt my camera or your monitor I should tell you that those colors are correct.  I found carrot seeds that grow different colored carrots.  I thought I’d have better luck getting the kids to eat them if 1) we grew them ourselves and 2) they were funny colors.  The kids ARE very excited about them.  We’ll see if they actually eat them.


Zion insisted on washing them herself.




This has nothing to do with our harvest but today caught a dragonfly.  Or, I should say, Eva caught the dragonfly and Gabe saved it.  That’s my boy!  It was huge!


While I took the pictures Eva was sitting underneath it pondering how she could get her toy back.  I tossed her inside and had the kids leave the dragonfly in the garden under some leaves where it could have some shade and quiet to hopefully recover and fly away.

Later when I checked it was gone and I picked our purple pepper.  It will taste yummy with the fajitas that Rob is making tonight.  No, Towzer, you can’t have it, it’s not a ball.



The harvest coming next will be tomatoes.  It was so cold this year I think they got a late start (I’m only guessing since I’ve never actually grown tomatoes before).  But I figure if they can only get big enough they can ripen inside if it gets cold before they are ready.  Looking forward to it!


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