Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hair Cut Day

I don’t know about you but our family is getting geared up for school to begin.  I know so many others have already started and that thought always astounds me.  It’s still summer for cryin’ out loud!  (Even if we don’t exactly have summer weather many days, it’s been a very weird summer here as far as weather goes.)

Gabe starts 2nd grade next week and Zion starts PreK the week after that (which is more like what I experienced growing up, we never started school until a few days after Labor Day).  I still haven’t shopped for clothes or supplies.  *yikes*

But today at least I got the pre-first-day hair cuts done (which I’ve been telling myself to do every day for more than a week now).  Zion and I will go for a hair cut together on Saturday after Rob gets back in town from work travel (blech, darn work travel) and Elias doesn’t need a hair cut so that really left only Gideon and Gabe.  Oh how I wish the boys didn’t have such fine hair.  It shows every mistake, every imperfection in a hair cut – and when I do it it’s guaranteed to be imperfect.  Still, they pass and they’re free so whatcha gonna do, eh?

Here’s Gideon’s before":


Of course I didn’t realize until after I’d taken the pictures and started cutting that his face still needed washing after lunch.  He insists on doing it himself and I sometimes forget to double check after he’s done it.  Silly mama.

Here’s Gideon’s after:


After I took the photos I went and cleaned up the back a bit more, didn’t mean to make such a severe line there.  And for the second time in my haircutting history I knicked an ear.  Gideon shouted “Ow, Mama, you hurt my ear!” in his adorable Gideon voice that cannot be described in words.  It went straight to my heart, I felt so bad.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad and I know the trick for getting things to stop bleeding (dab on flour, now you know the trick too) and now he’s fine and I feel better having confessed.  Phew, that is good for the soul!

Here’s Gabe’s before.  Which does not do this mess justice.  He looked like a Muppet.


And the after:


He’s not nearly as disgusted with me as he looks in the left one.  I just surprised him with taking one last photo when he thought I was done and as it turns out it was the best one of his hair.  Gabe’s cut is easy and I didn’t nick his ear.  What a relief!

On a different note, I have a new blog and store in the works.  I have a few knitting patterns now, a couple free ones and one that is nearly done that is good enough to charge for and I plan to get some photo items ready for sale and needed a place to do it all.  That’s a big project for me and since I’m a slow mover who knows when it will be actually up and running but I thought I’d share the exciting news anyway.  I’ll still blog here of course but I’ll have a link to my other blog and I’ll probably move a lot of my knit and photo talk there.  More on that later.

And with that I’ll leave you with a recent favorite.  Gideon yesterday.  I’m thinking about what lens I want to add to my equipment and a friend let me borrow her Nikkor 50mm f1.8.  What a nice lens!  And what about that LITTLE BOY!  This is one of those photos that shocks me into knowing how fast time flies by, he’s not a baby anymore. 


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Cedar said...

It's not the equipment~it's the photographer :) I do love that picture of Gideon!

Ouch on the ear! Matthew has done that a few times. It really does make the next hair cut harder :0 The hair looks good, though.