Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getaway–Pt. 2

More photos of our little getaway, the 13th of August.  We are just taking it easy today and going for a drive.  Rob takes us up to Leadbetter Point first and the road in looks like this:


We also passed these amazing iron gates and “No Trespassing” sign which we just SO cool and Rob and I agreed we wanted nothing more than to trespass to find out what was beyond them.


“They” weren’t kidding when they said to wear mosquito repellent to Leadbetter Point.  Just rolling down the window to take this picture attracted the skeeters. Rob and I agreed that it wasn’t worth a short hike and continued our drive instead.  We went a short ways out onto the beach in Surfside.  It was pretty.


Then head off to lunch.  The kids all let out a cheer when we said we’d stop at McDonald’s with a playland in Long Beach.   Rob and I carried in Thai we bought down the street.  ha ha ha


Then since Rob and I wanted a “real” grocery store (read, cheaper) we kept on going South into Astoria.  What a cool city?!  I’d love to go back sometime I can wander and take pictures.  As it is my photographing was contained to Tapiola Park which was entirely awesome (and remember you can click on a photo to see it bigger)! 


“Home” for dinner (and after the kids go to bed desert and wine, shhh, don’t tell!) and the kids’ favorite "home” activities.  Gideon hanging out in his favorite chair, Elias in his favorite spot, yep – on the coffee table, and Zion spinning in her favorite chair. Gabe was somewhere playing his DS and I meant to take a pic but missed it somehow.  Rob was cooking dinner.  I’m blessed!


The end and more later!

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