Monday, August 29, 2011

Texture Tuesday–Orange

Ah, I had one of those days were I got a ton done and doesn’t that just feel grand?!  Then I saw that Kim’s Texture Tuesday was orange themed which was perfect because I had just taken a bunch of photos of Zion juicing oranges the other day.

I textured it with Kim’s “granny’s cupboard” twice (both with the soft light blend mode and one at 100% and the other at 62%) and then desaturated the colors using a brush on all three layers (the two texture layers and the hue/sat layer) over the one orange to make it bright again just for fun.  That’s it. 


It’s nice to be “back in the saddle” and do a photo challenge for the first time in a little bit.  If you’d like to join in or see other photos in the challenge check out Kim’s blog here:image

p.s. Orange is my favorite color!


leavesnbloom said...

Firstly it's lovely to meet you Julie and read of the Lord blessings in your lives.

I like how you used that one texture and desaturated part of the image - juicing sounds like fun and tasty.

My texture post is on my leavesnbloom photography blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice, fresh squeezed - I'll be right over.
I love your texture work and how only the one half pops.

Ruth said...

I love your photo and processing, it really works so well! I love orange too! (Saw you at TT)

Dyche Designs said...

Days like that really do feel great don't they. Love the image.

Barb said...

So lovely!

profolly said...

Lovely you can see the texture

Jessica said...

I'm partial to orange too! I can't count how many orange t-shirts my little guys have! I love your pano crop!

Nice blog! : )

Happy Texture Tuesday!

Pat said...

I love days when I get a lot done too. Sometimes, it feels like I've been busy all day and accomplished nothing!

The orange peels and juicer photo is very well done. I like your choice of texture.

Cedar said...

Nicely done! The crop and composition are very creative! I really love the Granny Cupboard texture and it works perfectly here. I find it hard to find a image that goes with that texture because the fun of it is how much texture there is, but it is just right for this image!

Thanks for the info on the light meter. I know you've explained it before, but somehow my mind is having trouble understanding it. The accuracy makes sense to me. Did you know the iPhone has a light meter app? I think? Maybe it was dof app. Either way, I don't have an iphone, but sounded interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great photo's and texture work...I love how you've left only one orange glowing out from the others.Orange is a warm and fun colour!