Saturday, July 30, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow

Quite well actually.  I was worried when we finally got the raised garden that it wouldn’t produce because it was late and it was SO cold but it doesn’t appear to be a problem.

The first weekend in June my garden looked like this:


The Marigolds dwarfed the cilantro, lettuce, peppers and tomato starts. 

But given a month and things had changed dramatically:

I had no idea the cilantro would get so tall and the peas have positively taken off.

The carrots are up:


And a pepper is appearing:



Here’s my garden yesterday:


From here you can hardly tell one plant from the next.  The cilantro is HUGE!  The lettuce doesn’t look like lettuce anymore but the bunny loves it.

I have a feeling I should have kept the cilantro pruned so it didn’t flower but the flowers are SO dang pretty and they attract lots of subjects for me to photograph.  I just can’t get myself to cut it back.



Check out my sugar snap peas.  Later I picked it and gave it to Elias to chew on. 


Here’s my pepper.  It’s a purple pepper.  I doubt I’ll get a peck to pick from my one plant though.


I also get the occasional ladybug.  They are my favorite because they eat the pests.


My tomato blossom.  There’s a bunch.  Mmm.  I have big plans for some yummy pasta sauce with those tomatoes.  I can taste it now.


And some how I’m not afraid of bees when my camera is between them and me.  (Though I confess I had my long lens on. LOL)


I just bought some basil the other day since the seeds I put in didn’t come up very well.  I think it was too cold.  And the carrot tops are tall enough that I’m starting to wonder how you know when to pick a carrot.  I guess I have a lot to learn still but I have what’s important, lots of things to photograph.


Physibeth said...

Not to be "picky" but I think you pull carrots not pick them. ;-)

The Johnsons said...

Nice garden! That last one is not a bee though. It's one of those yucky kind of wasp/yellow jacket things and they hurt like crazy! Bees are nice those are mean. I tried picking a carrot yesterday it looked like it would've been huge from the top, but it was only about 3 inches and as big around as a straw. Oh well, guess I'll keep waiting too!