Thursday, January 27, 2011


Gideon still has a low fever. I’m happy that 100.6 is all I got when I checked this morning. Much better than 103.6 like the other day.

I took out the video camera to capture Elias as he gets more and more mobile. Every day he’s better at getting around than the day before. He already tries to pull himself up on things. I wonder if he will be one of those 10-month old walkers. Zion and Gideon both had a go with the video camera (Gideon with some help from me). I still have to look at the videos, will try to post them.

Gideon felt well enough to tell me I should pick a movie today. A big deal for him since he’s our movie king. No movie played in this house goes without comment from this boy. That goes for the van too for that matter. He told me “Mama, you pick movie?” almost like a question. Then he opened the cupboard for me and showed me all I could choose from and said again, more certain “Mama, you pick movie”.

I immediately picked Bedknobs and Broomsticks which we checked out from the library. He said “No, not that one.” OK.

So much for letting ME pick the movie. Two or three choices later he finally said yes when I suggested Chicken Little (AKA Chicken Yittle). At least it he approved of one that I really do enjoy. Chicken Little cracks me up.

Zion was in rare form today as well. She kept me on my toes with all of these little acts of disobedience. At one point she got a swat on her bum for one particular incident and then for lying about it. I told her that I have been very busy with her sick brothers the last few days and would she like some Mommy Time. Oh yeah! That lit her up. So I painted her nails. She enjoyed it but I still had to address a few minor infractions throughout the day. Sometimes she has days like this where if I don’t schedule an activity for her every waking minute she does things she knows she’s not supposed to (like taking some of my scrapbook stickers and decorating the legs of my office chair).

Still, she’s such a precious soul and loves to help with Elias. She insisted on feeding him his breakfast and later wanted to give him his pre-nap bottle. She dashes to and fro helping with the bigger boys too. When Gabe was sick this week she got him his breakfast and served it to him on the couch.


This photo ended up being My 365 today. So while I feel like I’m going stir crazy stuck in this house with sick kids for so long (almost non-stop since mid-December) I’m glad I have the My 365 project to give me something to do that uses up some creative energy. That could be my thin thread of sanity at this point.

ETA: when Zion was feeding Elias we'd already taken Gabe to the school bus stop. It's often easier to get Elias his "solid" food after the rush of that task.

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Marfa said...

I love that photo of your 3 littlest ones...where was Gabe? What a good big sister Zion is...feeding her little baby brother!