Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 365–January 1, 2011

Have you guys heard of My 365?  Very basically it is when people take a picture every day and post it somewhere to share.  There is a My 365 group going on Ravelry and since it’s something that kind of peeked my interest when I first heard of it a while back AND I was reminded of it on January 1st (though I know at the time of this writing that it is actually the 2nd), I thought I’d give it a go.  Here’s my first entry:


Ringing in the new year with Chicken Pox.


Nekochan said...

poor kid! Hope he will be fine soon

nekochan aka Ladame on ravelry

Marfa said...

I hope the chicken pox are gone...and all is better! My sister chose not to vaccinate her children with varicella for several logical reasons...
I never had it and we ended up doing it, but I wish I had known and thought more about it.