Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Out Of The Way


I love this photo.  I know it’s off kilter but I love the view and the colors and I actually  like it’s crookedness.  I also love that I took it without looking at all.  I have a digital Nikon D70s which has a viewing screen on the back but you still have to look through the viewfinder in order to see the picture you’re taking.  Sometimes I like to take a picture without looking.  You can get the most interesting angles that way and I find that more and more the pictures I take without looking are better than the ones I take while I AM looking. 

And every time I take a picture without looking then peek at the viewfinder to see what I captured and think “Wow, I REALLY love that and I’m so glad I took it without looking because I wouldn’t have gotten it that way.”  Essentially, I’m so glad I got out of the way and just took the dang picture.  I just let things happen without worry about making it perfect.  And then right after I think that I think another thing.  My pictures are improved when I get out of the way, how much more would my life improve if I got out of God’s way?  If I just let him work in me.  If I stopped trying to control.  Make perfect.  Do for myself.  “Help” God.  Worry about my future or my family’s.  How much more interesting and beautiful would things be as well.  Instead of laboring trying to keep my life on the level until I’m wrung out with effort.  How lovely would it be to just let God tip my life off level a little just to see the beauty of a different angle and how perfect it can be that way.

That’s what I’m working on.  Getting’ outta the way!  And I thank God for his little reminder, every time I take a picture that I haven’t tried to control, make perfect, do for myself or help in some way.  Just getting’ outta the way.

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