Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy (Early) Birthday!

Gabe’s birthday is coming up. We are all really excited! OK, maybe I’m a little shocky that my oldest is turning 7. He’s JUST A BABY! (He always says “I’m not a baby.” in this incredulous voice and I always reply “You’ll always be my baby.”)
Rob and I hadn’t quite decided what to get him for his birthday. Then last week Rob dropped Gabe’s Nintendo DS and it broke. Oops. So we decided to get him a replacement and that it was worth getting the newer version that has a larger screen and is generally bigger for small hands to hold. It just so happened that our local store is carrying the limited edition Mario’s 25th anniversary special red DSi XL. Perfect timing.

It also just happens that Gabe is home sick today (last night his temp was 103.9, poor guy) so Rob suggested that we give him his present early. A little fun on a sick day and he won’t have to keep trying to play on his sad, broken old DS.

Gabe got to open his birthday present early.

And because he has parents who can’t keep a secret. We get all giddy with a surprise and can’t hold it in.

See. NOT a surprise-holder-inner (and I'm even worse).

The same household rules apply: No video games allowed on school days, playing with siblings takes precedence over playing video games and if the DS is left out after playing it gets put in time out. Though even though today was a school day we did “break” that rule today. We wanted to surprise him, not torture him.

Happy birthday, Gabe!

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Cedar said...

Now no need for a birthday party? Sunflower says, "Gabe's house? Gabe's house?" so just kidding, we'll be there. I got the e-mail.