Friday, January 21, 2011


Sunday Rob taught Sunday School so he and Gabe took off before the rest of us were up and going.  That is to say, they were gone before I realized Gideon had a fever and the rest of us would have to stay home from church.  So it was a PJ day which the kids love.  I may be a weirdo this way but if we don’t have to go somewhere most of the time I’ll let the kids hang out in their jammies.  Less work for me, more fun for them and less laundry for Rob (yeah, my hubby does the laundry, it was his idea and who am I to argue?).  Anyway, back on track.  Zion for some reason got the bug in her to dress up.  Really dress up.  Fancy dress AND tights (I usually can’t get her to wear tights outside of bribery) but not to stray too far from character she put on her pink sneakers.   So she got to be the subject of an impromptu photo shoot in search of my 365 photo for that day.  These were her idea as far as poses and activities.  I love the ones of her with her wand because it is clear she wasn’t sure what to do to begin with but as soon as Eva entered the scene everything changed.  These pictures are best viewed as the series and I put them on in order.  The photo that I ended up choosing is the last one, the close up of her twinkle toes.


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