Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 365–January 5

I had the hardest time deciding on a picture for today’s My 365.  I finished Zion’s elephant today and wanted some pics.  Zion was being a perfect model.  I couldn’t complain about the elephant either.  Here’s the elephant alone.


And then one of the ones I loved so much of Zion.


But this is the one I finally settled on.  The second picture I took.  I have to say, she IS pretty darn cute.  And I can’t complain about the elephant either.



Cedar said...

Those are all great, but I do like the one of Zion at the end best. Love those eyes.

Liberty said...

Love the elephant, so very cute! That kind of project makes me wish I had a clue on how to knit. (and yes, I have tried learning -- that was funny!)

Great job! :)

PS... Zion is pretty cute too :)

Marfa said...

Yeah!!! That's amazing...I know it was a lot of work. I crocheted an elephant last year, it was a bit smaller...and blue.