Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 365–January 6 and 7

I DID get my project done for the last couples of days, I SWEAR! I just didn’t get them up here yet. One of the reasons being is that I’m trying to add an element to the side bar where the photo of the day will automatically post straight from ShutterCal. I’m having a problem with a width issue though that I’m hoping to get some help on. Anyway, without further ado…

My entry for the 6th:


“Someone” found a color-tinted Burt’s Bees of mine and decided to apply it to his face in the same fashion that I put on his Aquaphor when his cheeks are chapped. I “wonder” who that “someone” is?

My entry for the 7th:


Most of the ladies who were at my house last night for Knit Night. Jennifer, Nora, Julie M, Jessy and Bethany. It was SO much fun!

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Marfa said...

Hey Burts Bees has some good stuff...I thought that was chocolate at first. Knitting looks like so much fun there!!!