Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yum, yuck and Ha Ha!

Yum - I finally got around to making some Cake Pops as seen on Bakerella's blog. I needed something to take to MOPS so I thought I give it a go. I was going to make spice cake pops since that sounded yummy for Fall but I guess I'm not the only one - the spice cake spot was completely empty at the grocery store. But they had cherry chip on sale and that is my absolute favorite cake flavor - woohoo! So I nabbed some cherry frosting and white chocolate chips for dipping and voila! Cherry Chip White Chocolate Cake Pops were born! I gotta say, they were easier than I expected and so much yummier too! It is a good thing the recipe makes so many or there may not have been any left over for my meeting. As it was I ran out of lollipop sticks so some of the ladies just got "cake balls" which doesn't sound nearly as appealing for some reason. I also didn't get a chance to take a picture of the "pops" before they were gone so here's a few "balls" to wet your appetite (gee, that sounds even worse).

Yuck - I'm sitting on the couch. I hear "Mama, wook!" I stand up to see what Zion is pointing to and I see this.
Those are dried cranberries between her toes in case you aren't as versed in the identification of small food bits as I am. Brings new meaning to the term "toe jam".

Ha ha! - Jamie gave me Zion a belated birthday present when we went to visit the other day (this in addition to the cute clothes Z received at her birthday party from my sis and family). This is a personalized Kleenex box. It has a picture of Zion on the front with Kleenex in her nose (she put it there herself of course) and says "Kleenex anyone?" at the top. It's hilarious. I've got it on my end table and chuckle every time I have to blow my nose now.


Rachel said...

Was laughing out loud at the kleenex box! You have a creative friend!

The felt food turned out awesome!

And it's almost bizarre how closely your blog list matches mine!

(and how on EARTH did you know I submitted those horse pictures to FUGLY? WOW!)

Rachel said...

Yikes - small world! We are a few minutes from Olympia...

Fugly is a riot. I am still relatively new to horses (I've had my rescue for barely a year) and am really blessed to be able to keep her at home.

If you are this close - you should come ride! Our niece keeps her old gaming horse here and we have miles of trails behind the house!

Byt the way... the raisins shot is too funny... only because I can totally see that happening in our house!

Rachel said...

We're down south by Rochester and it would be great to have you over for a ride!

I can totally relate about your youngest... my kiddo was still attached to me when I first got our horse. It was a real challenge finding time to ride between feedings! I miss that time though - enjoy it!

(by the way - Gideon is just A-DORABLE! Zion and Gabe too... I would just love another one Gideon's age!)

::Sylvia:: said...

Found you via Marfa's blog! These look so good! I love Bakerella!! You've got a great blog!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Thanks for the smiles! I think cake balls are always welcome! ;-)

I just realized our families are only a few months apart...we married in Nov 02, dd July 04, dd Aug 06 and ds July 08! TI don't think I've ever been so closely matched!