Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Update

I received this e-mail from my friend Laura this morning regarding Joe. His surgery has not occured yet, she'll explain:

Sorry this took so long everyone, life has been on overdrive since this discovery! Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes I truly believe in the power of prayer and ask you to keep forwarding these messages to anyone who will pray for us. I know the lord still has big plans for us and I am so thankful he gave Joe the power to become sober last year, I can't imagine where we would be right now with out that. Joe is doing well. He is at home with me on steroids until H* Hospital (I edited out the hospital name) is ready for him ( it was decided by the neurosurgeon @ TG to have the Surgery performed by the Univ of WA neurosurgical team beacause it is a very complicated surgery that they do not see often but the UW guys do). We are hoping they will have finished reviewing his films and be ready for us by this Tuesday, we are playing the hurry up and wait game now and have been told not to expect a phone call before Monday. Once we are at H* they will conduct their own tests and make final desicions about surgery. Surgery will definitely happen just the type and time could vary. The steroids are helping to regulate his appetite ( he had none since Monday) and sleep schedule (he's like Colton now...if he doesn't get 2 two hour naps and a full nights sleep he gets grumpy!:) ) it is also helping his memory although he is still very confused and only remembers bits and pieces of what is said after it is said ( a good example- the DR said if everything went as planned after the surgery he would go home in 2-3 days for the rest of his recovery. Joe then relayed it to his boss that he was being discharged and would be back to work in 2-3 days!!!:) it's ok guys if we can't laugh we will cry!) HE is in pretty high spirits most of the time and I am glad to have this precious family time.

These are the notes from the TG Neurosurgeon DR N*, once we are at H* I will keep everyone updated through their webpage you will be able to go there, put in his patient ID and read msgs His folks and I will post, both Chrissy and Sharon, Joe's sisters, are driving up to be here for the surgery so between all of us we will be able to keep everyone informed. The growth ( a CRANIOPUARYNGIOMA)is officially a Cyst because it is filled with a fluid the consistency of motor oil. It is the size of a ping pong ball and has a hard ball floating inside of it the size of a grape. It is considered a low grade tumor but will not spread as it would if it were cancer. It is very slow growing and has probably been there many years. Because it is near the pituatary gland it is considered a very complicated surgery and will have some after effects that will be kept in check with medication and maybe a thyroid replacement. They will go in with an ear to ear insicion and remove as much of the cyst (after draining it) as possible without damaging tissue, after they are done they will give a one time radiation treatment to try and destroy any of the cyst wall that had to be left behind. It is probable that the cyst will regrow and so he will have scans every three months after the surgery to monitor it.

Corrick is going bonkers- he wants to email people to so I will go for now- I hope this made some sense- love to all God bless- Laura

Back to me. I hope that you will once again take a moment to pray for this family and the doctors who are caring for Joe. Thank you!

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