Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This I Love - A Study In Pictures

Lacing cards and quiet play with a cuddly girl on my lap.

The beautiful array of colors the Lord gives us in this season.

Little ones who figure out that mouths can hold toys just as easily as hands can (sorry for the blur, when I grabbed my camera it was on a setting that didn't allow the flash to pop up).

Little girls in pink and brown and especially little plaid peacoats.

Rainy days, no better reason for hot cocoa and a cookie - until it starts snowing that is.

Little warriors fighting for good.

Cowgirl pajamas, slippers and "mommies" who take good care of their "babies".


My Three Sons said...

What a nice post. I really enjoyed the pictures. What a pretty little redhead you have. She is adorable. My baby is two and I see your little baby and it makes me sad that Carson isn't that little anymore.

Mashel said...

I love Zion's little outfit!!! Can I claim hand-me-down to Hannah on that one? Too cute! I love pink and brown too. Very sweet post.