Friday, November 7, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

My friend Tiff is hosting her own little "Favorite Things Friday". Hm, a chance to talk about me and things I like? I'm game. So here's a couple for today:

1) Rainy nights. Yep. Just like the song. I like rainy days too when I don't have to go anywhere. Blustery is even better. Remember Pooh's blustery day? I love that. There's very little better than sitting around in a cozy chair, fire, book, hot tea, wind and rain outside the window. Of course, for thorough enjoyment all children must be napping - at the same time. You can guess how many times I get to enjoy this favorite thing. And that leads me to...

2) 7:30PM. Bedtime for the kids. OK, I guess truthfully I like 8 and after a little more because by then they are usually in bed and at least quiet if not asleep and I can, most nights, get a couple hours of me time.

I have many, many favorite things but this will have to do for now.

p.s. another favorite is when I get to the end of a post and hit spell check and the little message "no misspellings found" pops up. I love that!

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