Friday, November 14, 2008

Prayer Request

Good morning folks! I just got an urgent e-mail from a friend and I would ask you to stop for a moment and pray for her and her husband. I've removed the names because I'm not sure if she wants them posted but the rest is intact.

HI all bad news J* has been having headaches and blurred vision, we thought he need glasses then in the last 96 hrs he was really ticking me off (oops) because he wasnt paying attention and sleeping a lot and couldn't remember anything. Well today it scared me enough to force him into the emergency room. He has a growth on the front part of his brain, it has a name but I'm too wound up right now to even try and spell it, it is pushing on his brain making him tired, blurred vision, etc. He was admitted and they have started steroids to reduce the swelling around his brain so they can operate on it. It has a good success rate but if it is too close to important blood vessels they won't be able to take all of it and we will have to go through all of this every few years. I am beside myself, please start praying for us. I have to pack a bag so I can go nurse C* and get back to the hospital, he can't remember anything short term so I need to be there to tell him about every three minutes why he is there. Love L*

Edit 10:41AM - I spoke with Laura (she gave me permission to use their names), they are waiting on the neurosurgeon to give more details but this is what they know: Joe has a golf ball sized mass in his head behind his eyes. It is causing blurry vision, headaches, tiredness, and extreme short-term memory loss. They have him on a steriod treatment and after 24 hours they will operate to remove as much, hopefully all, of the mass as possible. Their two boys are with Laura's mom and Joe's brother and a friend are helping to take care of the household right now so they do have some support in place. Still keep praying about things (and thanks, Rachel for the tips!).


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

will do, but I strongly encourage her to get more info. She needs to understand where exactly the tumor is, what exactly they plan to do, what other options there are, how many surgeries like this the doctor has done, etc. Learn what parts of the brain will be affected post-surgery and what that means. What types of rehab do they think he'll require. What will that mean for their family (work-wise, finance-wise, etc.)?

No one will be your advocate except you! I know it's overwhelming, and that is why you ask them to explain things over and over (and over if need be). The truth is, she won't get it all, but each time, she'll understand a little more.

I work with people on a daily basis that have had strokes/braintumors/brain injuries, etc. I've seen bad stories and good stories, and by far, the story is easier if the patient (and family) is better educated on their circumstances! (Which is why I'm typing this! I don't mean to scare her or overwhelm her!)

Will be praying for L and J.

My Three Sons said...

That family will be in my prayers. Also that is wondeful news about Baby Mia. I will pray for her to move forward.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh goodness, how frightening! I'll keep this family in my prayers. Please update us when you can.

lonestar818 said...

How thoughtful of you to share this, will be hoping and praying that everything is ok for them.