Saturday, November 8, 2008

Does This Never Happen To You?

Did you ever get home from the grocery store and start putting things away only to realize that one of the items that you thought you needed you already had two of in the cupboard and you forgot something else that you really did need? Yeah. That never happens to me.

Did you ever decide what you were going to have for dinner and keep forgetting only to find yourself haunting the cupboards and fridge for inspiration when you remember that you already figured it out? Nope, not me. Not even once. We're having pizza for dinner by the way. And I only need to remember to not make something else for another 45 minutes by which time the delivery guy will have come.

Did you ever pull a super cute outfit out of your older child's too small bin and wonder why you don't remember them ever wearing so you put it on your younger child and realize half way through a Walmart shopping trip that the reason you didn't put it on older child much was because the snaps in the crotch won't stay shut (did I just say "crotch"?) and they all pop open making the baby look like their wearing some really funky chaps or something? Yeah. That most definitely didn't happen to me today. I'm sewing those darn pants closed, that outfit is just too cute to not use again.

So, um, am I the only only one that things never happen to? What never happens to you?


The Schueler Family said...

Yup, just happened 2 hours ago. Now I have 2 full bottles of ketchup and only a 1/2 stick of butter....grrr!

Joel said...

That's why I have 4 pounds of onions, and multiple bottles of the same spice (I can't eat seeds, why the heck do I have two bottles of caraway seeds?). Also, I have trouble telling the "clothes to give away" pile from the "clothes to repair and wash" pile. Though, it's more about jeans that fit well than being cute. I would like some funky chaps action, though!

My Three Sons said...

How about looking your keys in your car twice in one week and thank goodness have AAA for a free locksmith to only find it the same guy? He was really not liking me the second night when it was 1AM. Oh well, that is life.

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. I will add you to my blog if you don't mind.