Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Study In Elias

My baby is 16-months old.  He’s easy going, active, walking, clever, climbing, investigating, chattering, I could go on and on.  He’s just a heck of a lot of fun and definitely keeps me on my toes.  Tonight he was hammin’ it up for the camera.
Not Elias but a couple of cute boys anyway.EliasStudyIn-0597EliasStudyIn-0599EliasStudyIn-0601
What happens when the fairy won’t stay on the car and falls to the ground.  Poor baby.EliasStudyIn-0602
Hm, how do I get the darn fairy to stay on the car?EliasStudyIn-0604
Maybe if I hide and pretend I’m not looking.EliasStudyIn-0605
Then he figured out that he could half bury himself in the couch.  Cute.  I wonder what sorts of things I’m going to find down there now.  Or who.  It’s a good thing he’s the youngest or he’d be trying to stick his siblings down there.  He might still try knowing him.EliasStudyIn-0609
I love, love, love my baby so much!  (All of them of course.)

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Cedar said...

Really cute! I particularly love the last 3 (well, 4? assuming that one picture is double posted?)